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Ideal Materials for Sporting Goods and Accessories

Advancing material science is contributing to improved performance in a range of sporting goods and accessories. While earlier versions of sporting goods could only be developed with metals or conventional plastics, today’s advanced polymers and elastomers offer solutions that address a range of challenges in the sporting equipment industry. Syensqo’s materials for sporting goods and accessories improve processing, ensure safety and promote outstanding end-user experiences across a variety of products. Explore ideal materials for sporting goods and accessories with Syensqo’s advanced polymers and elastomers.


For Advanced Processing - Xencor LFT

Syensqo’s Xencor LFT compounds for sporting goods and accessories offers manufacturers advanced processing benefits paired with end-use strength and stiffness. Along with other materials designed for injection molding, Xencor LFT promotes simplified processing steps without sacrificing performance properties. Syensqo’s Xencor long fiber thermoplastics also promote recyclability and sustainability efforts throughout processing. More efficient manufacturing through injection molding encourages reduced carbon footprints, and Xencor LFT offers recyclability benefits with versatile options for implementation. 

These manufacturing benefits are enhanced with the additional end-use benefits of Xencor LFT compounds. This outstanding thermoplastic is suitable for metal replacement applications in sporting goods and equipment with excellent stiffness, impact strength and dynamic fatigue performance. Specifically, Xencor LFT aided manufacturers at Stajvelo in the development of the first e-bike made of advanced injected composites. This innovative consumer product provides lightweighting benefits as well as improves sustainability for environmentally conscious mobility.


For Outstanding Safety - Xencor PARA and Ixef® PARA

Xencor PARA and Ixef® PARA facilitate the manufacturing of sporting goods and accessories with outstanding safety features. In a range of environments, these excellent materials exhibit essential performance qualities, including stiffness, impact strength, low creep, low moisture uptake and excellent dimensional stability. The retention of these properties in varied environments promotes reliable user safety throughout the lifespan of polymer-based sporting goods and accessories. 

In practice, Xencor PARA and Ixef® PARA are used to enhance safety features and performance in pieces of sports equipment where flexibility is essential. In indoor and outdoor conditions, sports products developed with Syensqo’s Xencor™ PARA and Ixef® PARA can provide excellent elasticity and exhibit an incredible lifespan at maximum tension so consumers can feel confident in the long-term safety and reliability of their sporting goods. In addition to durable safety features, Xencor PARA and Ixef® PARA contribute to best-in-class surface appearance in various pieces of sporting equipment and ensure impressive performance throughout product lifespan. 


For Ideal User Experience - Tecnoflon® FKM

Compared to other elastomers, Syensqo’s Tecnoflon® FKM offers enhanced properties to ensure an ideal user experience in sports accessories with excellent tensile strength, elongation at break, specific gravity and sensory qualities. In sports products like watch bands, Tecnoflon® FKM enhances user experience with an optimal combination of performance and aesthetic benefits. Tecnoflon® FKM exhibits an outstanding soft and silky feel that is ideal for products designed for long-term wear. Additionally, this unique elastomer improves consumer experiences by creating long-lasting and durable products with outstanding resistance to sweat, UV light and color fading. Materials for sports watch bands, like Tecnoflon® FKM, must be able to ensure a high-end appearance throughout product lifespan and resist damaging substances that could negatively impact user experience.