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Vacuum Cleaner

High Heat Resistance for Faster, Lighter Electrical Appliances

Best Choice for Continuous Service in Hot Environments up to 200°C (392°F)


Creating a cordless vacuum cleaner that has the most powerful suction of any cordless cleaner, begins with the motor. Pioneering digital motors that are smaller, faster and more powerful than anything before, need materials with excellent heat resistance and dimensional stability.  

Specialty Polymers offers best in class solutions for lightweight high-performance with long and short-term high-temperature resistance.



Ryton® PPS: Superior Stability at Elevated Temperatures


Ideal for continuous use in hot environments, Ryton® PPS offers exceptional dimensional stability for components needing to withstand prolonged, high-temperature service. It is inherently flame retardant and offers excellent chemical resistance.

  • Heat resistance: Long-term up to 200°C (392°F) and short-term up to 260°C (500° F)

  • Design in flexibility: Complex parts can be molded with very tight tolerances, maintaining dimensional stability

  • Corrosion Protection: Resistant to a wide variety of solvents and corrosive chemicals even at elevated temperatures

  • Inherent UL-94 V-0 rating: All Ryton® PPS compounds have UL94 V-0 flammability ratings without flame retardant additives

  • Faster manufacturing & Cost reduction: Ease of processing and recyclable scrap allow for part consolidation, more efficient manufacturing, and material savings

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