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Strong Metal Replacement for Kitchen Appliances

Design Freedom, Performance and Cost Effectiveness


Switching from metal to high-performance polymers brings the advantage of injection molding, making it possible to create complex shapes. Our high-performance Specialty Polymers are designed to provide tough, lightweight, high-quality surface finish alternatives to metals.


Omnix® HPPA: The Material of Choice

Omnix® HPPA is ideally suited for use when Polyamide 6.6 reaches its limit temperature or when the hydrolytic stability of PA 6.6 is no longer sufficient. Its efficient and cost-effective manufacturing process makes it an easier and more economical alternative to die-cast alloys. It can replace engineering polymers that have reached their performance limitations by delivering better mechanical properties.

  • Food contact approved
  • Bridges the gap between PA 6.6 and PPA
  • Fill cost-performance gaps
  • Efficient, cost-effective manufacturing
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Oil, food and water resistant
  • Design flexibility
  • Ease of manufacturing vs metal

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