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Digital Handheld Synthesizer

Strength, Precision, Aesthetics in a Perfect Performance Harmony


Orba Digital Handheld Synthesizer

A musical instrument designed for hands. Orba is the latest innovative, digital musical experience from Artiphon. Its minimalist design, with touch and motion sensors, translates very fine micro-gestures into musical expression. Ixef® PARA was selected for Orba’s stunning, game-changing design thanks to its unparalleled set of properties that meets the key challenges for the development of such an innovative device.

Ixef® PARA: Changing the definition of Strength and Aesthetics 

Stronger than Metal

Ixef® PARA compounds typically contain 50% and 60% fiber reinforcement, making them exceptionally robust and rigid.  More and more components made from this glass-fiber-reinforced product are replacing metal parts as it far exceeds the specific strength of metal alloys.

Smooth, Resin-Rich Surface Finish

Ixef® PARA is a heavily glass-filled material that maintains exceptional aesthetics. Molded parts have a smooth surface finish that’s perfect for painting, metallization or producing a naturally reflective shell.

Stiffness and Capacitive Touch

The conductive path of Ixef® PARA is more efficient due to its inherent stiffness, plus it can be easily molded flat onto the panel. It also displays superior permittivity and dielectric properties.

Thin-Wall Injection

Ixef® PARA is an extremely high flow material and is excellent for thin-walled designs.


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