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Materials for Covid-19 PPE and Medical Equipment

Face Shields

Transparent Films for Reusable Face Shields

Studies show more than 50 single-use face shields are currently being used per COVID-19 patient per day.

Converting disposable shields to a reusable alternative reduces the consumption of single-use PPE by tens of thousands per year for a typical hospital

This equates to hundreds of millions annually for the 6,200 hospitals in the USA.

Due to the severe shortage of single-use face shields made with PC, PETG and acetate, Syensqo’s Ajedium™ Films business is producing transparent film made from either medical-grade Radel® PPSU or Udel® PSU, two specialty polymers routinely used for reusable medical devices. These higher performing polymers allow the face shields to be disinfected, sterilized and used again, instead of being disposed of after a single use. These polymers are:

  • Highly resistant to aggressive disinfectants 
  • Sterilizable for hundreds of cycles
  • Biocompatible

Roll goods, sheet goods and ready-to-use custom sheet sizes based on a wide variety of specialty polymers are available globally through Syensqo and our extended downstream network of channel partners. 

  • The film surface can be customized with a gloss/gloss surface finish configuration, which optimizes optical performance. 
  • Relevant gauge thicknesses from 5-30 mils and widths up to 58” are possible.  
  • Slitting and converting services available to expedite supply chains.

We can also put you in touch with contract manufacturers who are capable of die cutting and producing face shield windows and finished face shields.

Our Ajedium™ Films team remains on alert and will prioritize COVID-19 related production during this critical time.

Face shield visor fabricated with Radel® PPSU

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