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Syensqo Solutions

Cutting-edge technologies for a breakthrough adventure

A fully hydrogen-powered aircraft capable of flying non-stop around the world has never existed. But as our CEO Ilham Kadri says, all the technological solutions we need are already there in Syensqo’s extensive portfolio.

First and foremost, our composite materials will be crucial to make up the structure of Climate Impulse, from fuselage to wings and hydrogen tanks. As for green hydrogen, our high-performance materials will be key enablers for exceptionally high-power density, and to allow a more compact design of the plane. In a mindset of collaboration and open innovation, we will co-innovate with all parties involved to develop new solutions when necessary, and open the doors to our state-of-the-art labs to test and characterize materials and produce prototypes.

In the long run, we’re expecting the experience to help reduce the development time of hydrogen solutions for the mobility sector and in other industries, hence contributing to accelerating the urgent revolution we need to reduce humanity’s carbon emissions, fast.