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Ensuring Comfortable, Durable, and Lightweight Airplane Interiors

Through decades of customer collaboration, Syensqo has gained a unique understanding of the specific demands of the aircraft interiors market and developed aircraft cabin solutions to meet these requirements. Our strong technical expertise allows us to work closely with our customers and support efforts to identify optimized products and processes that meet the individual needs of each project. Syensqo’s comprehensive portfolio of aircraft interior materials includes composites, films, laminates, and specialty polymers for both standard and customized cabin applications.

  • Composite materials for luggage bins, aircraft interior panels, cargo lining, flooring, side walls, armrests, and class dividers alongside our specialty polymers for tray tables, food service trays, and food trolleys are just a few of the end-use applications our materials are used for within aircraft interiors. 
  • Specialty polymers offer a wide range of high-performing alternatives to metals for seat armrests, passenger service units, light screws, clip nuts, clamps, brackets, fasteners, and electrical components. These solutions deliver excellent mechanical strength and high-temperature performance in tight-tolerance parts that require precise designs. Additionally, Syensqo’s specialty polymers provide inherent flame retardancy, as well as broad resistance to friction, wear, and chemicals like aircraft fluids, insecticides, and cleaning agents. 
  • Films and laminates are used throughout commercial aircraft interiors, including window shades, insulation blankets, interior decorative laminates, and cargo liners to protect composites from wear and staining. Films also provide a finished look to panels to minimize the visibility of secondary structures, while decorative laminates improve aesthetics on sidewalls, stow bin doors, ceiling panels, lavatories, and more. Other aircraft interior applications like thermal acoustic insulation blankets promote improved safety and comfort by acting as a fire barrier and adding sound insulation, while cargo liners protect insulation, wiring, and structures in baggage compartments of aircraft.

Example of Radel® PPSU advantages in fully recyclable catering trolley

  • 25% weight reduction vs. traditional Aluminum designs
  • Low maintenance & ownership costs
  • Improved esthetics – no bumps or scratches
  • Carbon footprint reduced by 2% vs. Aluminium

Replacing 10% of Aluminium trolleys in service with Radel® PPSU based ones would save CO2 emissions necessary to light 1.7m households per year!

Discover the advantages of Polymers for Aerospace