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Solutions for Aerospace Interiors with Style and Substance

Aircraft cabin interiors require materials that deliver on both aesthetics and comfort while remaining durable throughout the product's lifespan. The right materials make it possible for advanced air mobility (AAM)fixed wing aircraft and rotorcraft OEMs to design interior cabins that meet the needs of the end user in terms of safety, efficiency and lightweighting. 

As an industry leader in the supply of composite materials and specialty polymers, Syensqo is the ideal partner for the future of commercial aircraft, rotorcraft and AAM aircraft interiors. We offer a broad range of material solutions for aerospace interiors, including thermoset and thermoplastic composites, specialty polymers, adhesives and functional films. In addition to exceptional solutions for aircraft interiors, Syensqo also provides unmatched technical support to help our customers deliver the optimal physical and acoustic experience for their passengers.


Discover Syensqo’s High-Performance Solutions for Aerospace Interiors

Syensqo’s comprehensive portfolio is composed of lightweight aircraft materials for aerospace interiors that deliver specialized performance benefits and enable manufacturers to build lighter, stronger, and more comfortable aircraft.  Explore our materials for aerospace interiors, including brands like CYCOM®, MTM®, Ixef® PARA, Radel® PPSU, KetaSpire® PEEK, XencorTM, AjediumTM, and more.

Optimal Materials for Aerospace Interior

Syensqosupplies material solutions that help manufacturers to meet the functional and aesthetic challenges associated with commercial and business aircraft, rotorcraft, and AAM interiors. Explore our portfolio of solutions formulated for passenger interiors, including cabins, seats, galleys, and thermo-acoustic systems in aerospace and AAM applications. 

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