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Launch of Atlas V Juno from Cape Canaveral AFS

Space & Launch

Space and Launch Material Solutions - Building on a legacy of innovation

Syensqo has a legacy with innovative materials that have been successfully used in space missions, from the first Moon landing to the recent launch of NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) rocket for the Artemis program. The space and launch industry is rapidly evolving with a new cadence of almost weekly launches to LEO and upcoming missions to establish a sustaining presence on the Moon.



As the space industry grows, Syensqo continues to serve as the partner of choice for materials that enable the next generation of innovation. Our broad portfolio of materials for space and launch is tailored to address the complex environmental challenges in spacecraft, satellites, launch vehicles, and future aerospace applications. Explore our high-temperature ablative materials for propulsion and rocket nozzles, spacecraft composite materials, polymers, primers and adhesives for aerospace, and let’s work together to reach the next historic milestone in space and launch.


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Our Solutions for Space & Launch

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Discover High-Performance Solutions for Space and Launch

The demands on materials suitable for space and launch applications are complex. Solutions must simultaneously deliver lightweighting benefits, enable design and processing flexibility, withstand extreme temperatures and maintain reliable performance over time. Syensqo provides space and launch OEMs with outstanding materials, including CYCOM® and MTM® composites, MX® high-temperature ablatives, FM® adhesives and BR® primers and Torlon® Polymers.

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