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Space Shuttle Launch

Launch Vehicles and Rockets

Innovative Solutions for Launch Vehicles and Rocket Applications

Whether launching a constellation of satellites to Low-Earth Orbit (LEO), deploying spacecraft like the James Webb Telescope, or performing critical defense missions, the different classes of launch vehicles require materials that are lightweight and guarantee peak performance in the harshest of environments.

With over 50 years of experience as a leading provider of advanced materials for launch vehicles and rocket applications, our engineers have assembled the industry’s broadest portfolio of solutions for use throughout the launch vehicle from the rocket engines all the way up to the payload fairing. Our portfolio of structural composites, adhesives, primers and high-temperature ablatives deliver reliable and outstanding performance properties while enabling processing flexibility for optimized manufacturing operations on Earth.

The Broadest Portfolio of Materials for Launch Vehicles and Rockets

Syensqo offers the space & launch industry’s broadest portfolio of advanced materials, including composites, adhesives, primers and ablatives used in a variety of applications. With outstanding process flexibility, thermal resistance, and exceptional mechanical performance, these lightweight materials are the ideal candidates for all classes of launch vehicle from small lift to super heavy lift. Our comprehensive selection of  launch-vehicle and rocket solutions  includes the CYCOM®, MTM®, MX, HT® and  FM® product families.

Lightweight Materials for Reliable Launch Vehicles and Rocket Applications

Syensqo’s expansive portfolio of advanced materials serve both commercial and defense missions for modern launch vehicle and rocket applications. Our composites, adhesives, primers and ablatives play a pivotal role in the development of new launch vehicles that will enable the commercialization of LEO, Cislunar gateway and deep space exploration. These dynamic products are widely utilized in solid rocket motor components, such as rocket motor cases and nozzles. Additionally, our aerospace solutions are optimal for use in innovative launch vehicle applications, such as primary structures, payload fairing, interstage rings and cryogenic tank

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