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High-Performance Microbial Biopesticide Solutions 

Syensqo's Biopesticide Formulation Solutions are specifically developed to address the respective challenges of formulating microorganisms, including for example Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus thuringiensis, Beauveria Bassiana and Trichoderma. Related to their characteristics and mode of action, these specialty bioinsecticides and biofungicides require specific formulation types and functionality to ensure an optimized shelf-life and deliver biological viability. Syensqo's Biopesticide Formulation Solutions can be adapted to the primary formulation types: dry or liquid.

Specifically, our solutions include:

  • Ready-to-use oil dispersion solutions
  • A full range of wetting, dispersing, emulsifying and suspension-aid agents
  • Deagglomeration additives
  • Natural polymer-based rainfastness adjuvants


AgRHEA™ OD-EASY: Ready-to-Use Solution for Oil Dispersion Formulations

AgRHEA™ OD-EASY is an efficient, ready-to-use blend, specially developed for use in oil-dispersions. As the demand for oil dispersion formulations continues to rise, especially for conidiospores, AgRHEA™ OD-EASY serves as an optimal all-in-one solution, including emulsifying and dispersing agents, a rheology modifier in a vegetable basis, with a good cost-performance balance. 

This versatile solution provides formulations with a robust performance profile, extensive storage ability and good dilution stability. AgRHEA™ OD-EASY is available for vegetable oil-based oil dispersions and methylated vegetable oil-based oil dispersions, which allow for significant tailoring and customization to fit specific requirements. 

Wetting, Dispersing, Emulsifying, and Suspension Additives 

Our broad portfolio provides formulators with an extensive selection of wetting agents dispersants, emulsifiers, suspension-aid co-formulants for boundless biocontrol formulation potential. Syensqo's Soprophor® grades (Flk, 796/P), Antarox® EO/PO, Geropon® DA 1349 and T36, for instance, are versatile co-formulants with good biological compatibility with the primary microorganism strains. 

Most of our co-formulants have a low hazard profile, with no or limited impact on final formulation classification, and can be used in Organic farming (OMRI eligibility, EPA List 4A/4B). See our full list of inerts for biocontrol formulations and co-formulants below. 



Rainfastness Adjuvants for Biopesticide Formulations

Syensqo offers a range of retention & rainfastness adjuvants for enhanced microbial growth. Specifically, AgRHEA™ SticGuard is a retention and rainfastness adjuvant designed with natural polymer technology, that demonstrates outstanding property retention even after three rain cycles to outperform conventional synthetic latexes, affected by the microplastic directive. Additionally, AgRHEA™ SticGuard provides the potential for double the biological efficacy under dry or normal rain conditions. 


Additives for Seed-Applied Biopesticide Formulations

Syensqo also offers solutions for the on-seed application of biologicals, with the development of specific Peridiam® seed coatings for rhizobia survival and extended planting windows, or biodegradable Certop coatings for vegetable seeds. Our AgRHO® S-Boost Range can also provide synergistic benefits in combination with biological biostimulants. 

With our large-scale portfolio of solutions for microbial biopesticide formulation, Syensqo offers a complete selection of biocontrol ingredients designed to empower the agriculture industry as it shifts toward a more eco-friendly, sustainable future. As this trend continues, we welcome new opportunities and partnerships to develop additional innovative biopesticides to overcome the potential challenges and demands.