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High-Quality Materials for Clutch System Components

Because manufacturers rely on clutch system components to function properly, Syensqo provides a range of high-quality materials to improve the performance and mechanical properties of components such as seal rings for Double Clutch Transmission (DCT) clutch actuation and concentric clutch cylinders.  

Seal Rings for DCT Clutch Actuation

The technical requirements for clutch actuator seal rings range from conformability to dimensional stability in harsh thermal environments. Torlon® PAI is a great alternative for metals because it performs well in high PV applications and retains strength in temperatures of up to 150°C.


Concentric Clutch Cylinder 

With service temperatures reaching up to 160°C, concentric clutch cylinders must demonstrate resistance to many conditions and substances, from thermal to chemical. Syensqo provides manufacturers Torlon® PAI for excellent surface and toughness quality as well as resistance properties to help concentric clutch cylinders thrive in harsh operating environments.