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Motor oil pouring to car engine


Additive Solutions for Transmission Lubricants

Transmissions are exposed to constant operational challenges that defy the capabilities of average lubricants. For efficient transmission performance, manufacturers depend on high-quality lubricant solutions. Lubricant demands have changed due to the different needs of modern transmissions. To achieve optimal lubricant performance, manufacturers seek additive solutions that not only decrease friction coefficients but also improve anti-wear and extreme pressure resistance throughout extended periods. 

Syensqo provides a superior collection of premium solutions for transmission lubricants. Our product lines offer exceptional anti-wear and extreme pressure performance properties to optimize lubrication outcomes in complex transmission applications.


Lubricant Solutions for Transmission Applications

From overall protective properties to nonflammability, the needs of lubricants range drastically. To address the specific needs of transmission applications, manufacturers look towards additive solutions that enhance the lubricants they use in automobiles. Syensqo supplies automotive manufacturers with excellent additive solutions to provide transmissions with optimal lubricant performance. Our portfolio of solutions includes trusted brands such as Fomblin® PFPE and lubricant additives such as Duraphos®, Lubrhophos®, Rhodafac®, Fentamine®, Fentacare®, Mackamide®, Miramine®, CYPHOS® Ionic Liquids.

Improving Lubricant Solutions for Different Types of Transmissions 

As the needs of lubricants evolve, so do the profiles of transmission systems. To keep automobiles functioning properly, manufacturers depend on transmission innovations complemented by excellent lubricant fluids. Our portfolio provides outstanding support and enhancements for e-driveline fluids which possess complex requirements and applications.

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