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Professional Automotive Engineer Working on Transmission Gears


Improving The Profile of Modern Transmissions

Transmissions are one of the most vital systems of an automobile. As a connector between the engine and the wheels, transmissions ensure that vehicles move efficiently and safely. The profiles of transmissions have changed over the past few decades, and manufacturers seek solutions to address constant changes in consumer and industry demands. From safety and efficiency to lightweighting and electrification, the needs of modern transmissions and gearboxes drastically vary. 

Syensqo provides a comprehensive portfolio of solutions designed for the unique needs of transmissions and their components. Our materials improve transmission efficiency with better sealing, metal replacement, lubrication, and electrification capabilities across a wide range of applications. Utilizing Syensqo products in transmission applications results in increased durability and ease for end-user experiences.

Our Solutions for Transmission

Trusted Material Solutions for Enhancing Transmissions 

Syensqo leverages decades of industry experience into our portfolio that caters to the needs of complex transmission applications. Our portfolio of solutions addresses the complex thermal, operational, performance and mechanical demands of transmission components to guarantee efficient vehicle function. Our high-quality materials include KetaSpire® PEEK, Torlon® PAI, Tecnoflon® FKM, Fomblin® PFPEAmodel® PPA , and Ryton® PPS to enhance the overall reliability of transmissions.

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