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Webinar: enabling sustainable mobility

Enabling Sustainable Mobility: Syensqo's journey to design biobased & recycled Materials for Automotive

The webinar was recorded on June 30, 2022.

Syensqo, as a raw materials supplier, is committed to supporting Automotive OEMs and Tiers in shaping the future of sustainable mobility. This is why we are broadening our advanced materials portfolio to provide materials with a unique combination of both Performance and Sustainability properties, that help lower the carbon footprint of the Automotive industry.

The effective reduction of CO2 emissions from the automotive industry requires not just a transition towards powertrain electrification but also the reduction of emissions from the production of the materials to make the vehicle.

To reach this goal, Syensqo has dedicated its technologies and expertise to stimulate developments in multiple areas: 

  • the use of renewable energy to operate our assets 
  • increasing the use of bio-sourced and recycled-based polymer resins and compounds
  • proposing mass balance approach solutions 
  • initiating value chain discussions and partnerships for recycling

So, if you’re interested in moving beyond your current solutions by adopting new technologies that can support your sustainability targets and meet demanding technical requirements in Automotive applications, fill in the form to watch our recorded webinar and find out more.


Watch the webinar