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Battery Pack


Solutions for Lighter and More Robust Batteries

As the current Li-Ion battery technology evolves, the demand for battery pack energy density by volume is becoming higher, metal replacement by high-performance specialty polymers provides various solutions to reduce the weight of packaging while maintaining mechanical strength.

  • Evolite® has unmatched mechanical resistance under tensile, flexural, compressive, and shear stress.
  • Solvalite®, specifically developed for high-volume automotive applications, offers fast cures and outstanding mechanical properties.
  • Ryton® PPS is inherently flame retardant and offers exceptional dimensional stability for precision-molded components needing to withstand prolonged, high-temperature service.
  • Amodel® PPA is an injection-moldable PPA with exceptionally high strength and performance in high temperature applications, including battery pack module end plates and thermal runaway mitigation components.
  • XencorTM LFT is a family of long-fiber thermoplastics with outstanding dimensional stability and creep resistance, optimal for structural applications in modern battery packs.
  • Xydar® LCP, available as a glass-fiber of mineral-filled resin, is well-suited for demanding thermal and insulating applications, such as battery pack module plates used in high-voltage EV models.