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Consumer Usages

A 360° Approach to Battery Performance Enhancement

Hand-held electronics have become slimmer, sleeker, smarter but battery life remains the most important consideration for consumers. Battery power and duration dually determine the efficiency and reliability of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other electronic devices. New materials and technologies that extend battery life while shortening charging time are in great demand. Syensqo's polymerization technology facilitates chemical modification to improve the adhesiveness and flexibility of cathode binders used in high-density electrodes. The unmatched cohesion and adhesion of our industry-leading PVDF binders allow manufacturers to utilize less binder content, enabling miniaturization and enhancing performance.


Top Solutions for Consumer Usages

Consumer electronic devices are more reliable thanks to our solutions such as Solef® PVDF specifically developed for binders and separators, solvents, additives, and conductive salts to give optimal low and high-temperature conductivity and resistance. Our evolving Energain® is also key to enabling higher voltage systems to push the limits of advanced lithium-ion technology.

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