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Concept of a home energy storage system based on a lithium ion battery pack situated in a modern garage with  view on a vast landscape with solar power plant and wind turbine farm

Energy Storage

Large Scale Lithium-ion Technology

While portable devices and electric cars are steadily driving global demand for small and medium-sized lithium-ion batteries, the market for stationary Energy Storage Systems (ESS) batteries is the same technology but on a whole different scale. Energy storage systems provide electricity to houses, hospitals, data centers, entire cities, or the general power grid. Their varying capacities and discharge times correspond to a very wide range of applications, from injecting power in the grid for a few seconds for voltage regulation purposes to shaving consumption or production peaks for several hours. Lithium-ion technology is able to meet this market’s needs most efficiently. Alternatives exist, such as Redox Flow batteries, a whole different technology based on chemical reactions employed to store energy in liquid electrolyte solutions, but it remains expensive and is only suitable for large facilities with slow response times. Syensqo provides electrolyte additives, fluorinated components, and high-performance polymers to battery manufacturers for lithium-ion-based ESS facilities.


Top Solutions for Energy Storage Usage

Syensqo's wide-ranging portfolio of solutions for energy storage batteries includes industry leader Solef® PVDF for binders and separators as well as state-of-the-art conductive salts. Our evolving Energain® is also key to enabling higher voltage systems to push the limits of advanced lithium-ion technology.

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