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Electric Vehicles

High-Performance Batteries for Electric Vehicles

The demonstration that electrification will play an important role in the transformation of mobility is shown by the rapid acceleration in electric vehicles (EVs) fuelled by increasingly stringent regulations, advancing technologies, and a shift in consumer mindsets toward sustainable mobility. From Hybrid Vehicles (HEVs) to full Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs), OEMs are seeking areas for differentiation, where battery technology, durability, and performance are key evaluation criteria. Today’s main challenges for batteries in electric cars are energy density (autonomy), power (fast charging), and cycle life meaning battery manufacturers need to find solutions that combine performance, lightness, safety, and reduce costs.


Syensqo has a portfolio of enabling materials and developments for batteries cells to help reach cost and performance targets. From PVDF binders for High Ni, High Mn, and LFP cathode types, separator coatings for improved cell safety, to high voltage ingredients and formulations for electrolyte. Our high-performance specialty polymers and composites provide lightweighting solutions for battery modules while maintaining mechanical strength. We also support a circular future for hybrid and electric vehicle batteries by leveraging our mining expertise together with key industrial partners along the value chain, providing leading metal recovery solutions that will enable efficient recycling of high purity raw materials such as Cobalt, Nickel, and Lithium.



Our Innovative Portfolio Addresses Current and Future Challenges 

With specialized laboratories in battery applications and a strong worldwide Research & Innovation presence, Syensqo takes a leading position in creating the right chemistry to help increase battery cell performance. Thanks to our expertise in fluorine chemistry, our unique battery cell solutions portfolio contains key elements for both liquid-state and solid-state batteries such as coatings, binders, fluorinated solvents, additives, and lithium salts. 


Through relentless innovation in our dedicated global research centers, we are pushing binder performance to the edge to meet next-generation performance needs. SolgainTM is an intermediate technology that enables the encapsulation of liquid electrolyte inside a polymer matrix. This technology is a bridge between Generation 3 and Generation 4 with advantages in terms of safety, performance, and simplifying the battery manufacturing process. 

Generation 4 technology denotes the transition to solid-state batteries. The electrolyte that was liquid in Generation 2 and Generation 3 batteries, encapsulated in a polymer in SolgainTM technology, will be replaced by an inorganic electrolyte, therefore without any type of solvent. An inorganic conductive electrolyte that will bring advantages in terms of safety, energy density, cost, and fast charging, thereby responding to all of today’s unmet and partially-met market needs. Syensqo is committed to developing critical materials for next-generation inorganic solid-state batteries and pilot research is already underway. Solid-state batteries will deliver a safer future for electric car users with increased range and shorter charging times. 

Our broad portfolio with global research and innovation investments makes us the perfect partner to support battery manufacturers’ ambitious targets.


High-performance Materials for Advanced Technologies

Syensqo's solutions portfolio consists of products such as Solef® PVDF, for binders and separator coatings, LiFSI lithium salts, and Energain® the new generation of fluorinated solvents for High Voltage Electrolyte (up to 5V). We also provide high-performance polymers - such as Ryton® PPS for battery modules, effectively reducing weight. Additionally, our range includes various high-performance polymers and thermoplastic composites, like Evolite®, ideal for battery enclosures.


Solutions for Accelerating Electric Vehicle Adoption

As urban mobility evolves, we are ready to support taking electric vehicles to the next level. Lithium-ion batteries are improving rapidly, however, long-distance range and recharge times still need to be optimized. Syensqo is committed to offering a solutions portfolio to fast-track their adoption.

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