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Explore Syensqo's Anti-Corrosion Solutions for Coatings

Syensqo's anti-corrosion solutions enhance the performance of coatings in a wide variety of systems. Our portfolio includes additives such as Rhodafac® series, Sipomer® PAM and Sipomer® COPS. We also offer a range of specialty polymers, such as Halar® ECTFE, Ryton® PPS and Diofan® PVDC. 



  • Rhodafac® series - This APE-free emulsifier offers outstanding anti-corrosion performance enhancements to architectural and industrial coatings, with additional benefits such as color compatibility and gloss improvement. Rhodafac® specialty surfactants can be used in formulations to significantly improve corrosion inhibition. 
  • Sipomer® PAM - Added during the emulsion polymerization phase, Sipomer® PAM specialty monomers are designed to improve adhesion and corrosion-resistant properties in industrial and architectural coatings applications. They are also effective in a wide range of polymer systems for improved formulator flexibility.
  • Sipomer® COPS - Known for improving adhesion and corrosion resistance in aluminum and cold metals, Sipomer® COPS is a line of reactive stabilizers with a wide range of benefits. In addition, Sipomer® COPS enhances stability, foam properties and scrub resistance. 


Specialty Polymers 

  • Halar® ECTFE - Halar® ECTFE is a partially fluorinated, semi-crystalline polymer used as a lining in anti-corrosion applications. Halar® ECTFE offers outstanding chemical, permeation and fire resistance in essential coating applications. 
  • Ryton® PPS - Known for being a high-heat polymer, Ryton® PPS offers excellent dimensional stability and corrosion resistance in powder and aqueous coatings. Its flame retardancy is comparable to fluoropolymers and PEEK polymers. 
  • Diofan® PVDC - Diofan® PVDC resins are basic ingredients in protective corrosion-resistant systems that improve the barrier properties of coatings. These aqueous dispersions provide the building industry with outstanding humidity barriers for coatings and primer systems.