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Solvay Coatings - Rhodafac Range - Corrosion resistant coatings

Rhodafac® Range for coatings

Corrosion prevention with high performance protective coatings

Advanced protective coatings solutions

The Syensqo Rhodafac® Range of specialty surfactants is an APE-free emulsifier designed to improve performance in architectural coatings and industrial coatings. These highly effective and efficient anionic surfactants can be used to deliver significant performance improvement and increased functionality for paint and coatings application.


Superior performance and more functionality to boost your coatings formulations

The Rhodafac® Range of specialty surfactants can be used for formulating improved performance into corrosion-resistant coatings and water-resistant coatings. Rhodafac® Range aids in corrosion inhibition.


Rhodafac® Range applications

The Rhodafac® Range brings functionality and significantly enhances performance in most applications, including:

  1. Reduction of water absorption     
  2. Corrosion resistance 
  3. Color compatibility
  4. Gloss improvement
  5. Better film formation


Rhodafac® Range provides real and visible benefits

The Rhodafac® Range provides benefits for formulators:

  • Water resistance
  • Exceptional anti-corrosion
  • High-gloss coatings
  • Color acceptance
  • APE & VOC free
  • Excellent film formation
  • Improved blocking resistance


Rhodafac® Range features

APE-free phosphate ester surfactants with the same features as aromatic phosphate ester surfactants:

  •  Excellent primary anionic emulsifiers for all types of binders (Acrylic, SA, VA, VAE)
  • Average charge from 1.0 % phm (if used alone in pure Acrylics)
  • Good particle size control, good pre-monomer emulsion stability, even used as a sole emulsifier, plus excellent film formation
High-Scrub Resistant Emulsifier

Rhodafac® PE 3016

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