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Sipomer® COPS Series

Enhance the performance of your waterborne coatings with our extensive portfolio of specialty monomers

Advanced efficiency polymerizable stabilizers

Sipomer® COPS Series specialty monomers are designed to improve performance in architectural, industrial coatings and adhesive. These efficient and cost-effective specialty monomers provide excellent mechanical and thermal stability while decreasing the need for conventional surfactants.

Sipomer® COPS Series products are polymerizable stabilizers that help improve water
resistance and provide exceptional scrub resistance in waterborne high polyvinyl chloride (PVC) paint systems, coatings and pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA). These monomers can be used in latex synthesis for all acrylic, vinyl/acrylic, vinyl veova and styrene/acrylic systems.

Build higher performance into waterborne coatings formulations

The Sipomer® range of specialty monomers can be used for formulating improved performance into scrub-resistant paints and adhesives. They are suitable for use in styrene acrylic, all acrylic, vinyl/acrylic and vinyl veova systems.

Sipomer® COPS Series benefits

Sipomer® COPS is a line of reactive stabilizers that deliver a wide range of benefits for formulators:

  • Scrub-resistance improvement for high PVC paints
  • Stability improvement
  • Improved freeze-thaw and mechanical stability
  • Lower foaming
  • Reduced need for conventional emulsifier 
  • Latex stability at low surfactant levels
  • Improved water resistance
  • Cost and performance efficiency
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