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color splashes of ink


Enhanced Ink-Related Applications

Ink formulators are searching for more sustainable and higher-performing raw materials that enhance key performance features in ink production, such as pigment and wetting dispersion, emulsion polymerization and foam control. Syensqo's solutions address key ink-related challenges across a variety of ink-related applications.

Emulsion Polymerization

Syensqo's solutions for emulsion polymerization have spurred the development of synthesis techniques and formulations that enhance binder quality. Discover more.


Brush with turquoise paint and color
A close-up view of the blue water bubble

Foam Control

Syensqo's defoamers help formulators achieve excellent gloss and clarity across various applications and systems that require smooth surfaces for aesthetics and functionality. Discover more.

Pigment & Wetting Dispersion

Syensqo offers a variety of customizable additive packages for pigmented systems to improve wetting, dispersing, compatibility and stabilization of organic and inorganic pigment dispersions. Discover more.

Paint colors coatings
Beautiful clean transparent bright drop of water on smooth surface in blue and yellow colors

Substrate Wetting 

Our portfolio of solutions for substrate wetting enables inks to have better flow profiles and aesthetic performance. Additionally, our substrate wetting agents remove surface tension to penetrate difficult materials such as paper, plastic, metals, and more. Discover more.

Sustainable Formulations 

Our solutions contribute to more sustainable products for consumers without sacrificing performance. Syensqo's additives facilitate the transition from solvent-borne systems to waterborne formulations by eliminating or reducing APEs and VOCs in ink formulations. In turn, ink producers can earn eco-labels and attain regulatory compliance. Discover more.