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Emulsion Polymerization

Improving Binder Qualities Through Emulsion Polymerization

The durability of a coating is closely linked to the quality of a binder. For this reason, improving the quality of a binder is often the first step taken to enhance the performance of a coating. Coating formulators know that high-quality monomers and surfactants can optimize key properties, including scrub and mechanical stability, adhesion, durability and weather resistance. Syensqo is a global leader in emulsion polymerization technologies that boost the performance of coatings. In addition to their performance advantages, our broad portfolio of surfactants and specialty monomers enables formulators to transition to more sustainable waterborne technologies, including APE- and VOC-free solutions.


Discover Syensqo Solutions for Emulsion Polymerization

Syensqo delivers solutions for acrylics, alkyd and epoxy emulsions that enable formulators to develop superior binder systems. Syensqo's emulsion polymerization technologies improve coatings performance across multiple dimensions: sustainability, resistance to water, scrub, corrosion, stains and blocking, as well as adhesion. Our most notable brands include Abex®, Rhodafac®, Rhodapex®, Aerosol®, Sipomer® PAM, Sipomer® WAM Series and Sipomer® COPS Series surfactants and specialty monomers. To enhance the overall performance quality of architectural coatings, our Rhodacal® range of sulfonate surfactants function as emulsifiers, stabilizers, and wetting and dispersing agents. We also offer hydroquinone, MEHQ (or PMP) and TBC, which are appropriate stabilizers for olefins like acrylics, styrene and butadiene.

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