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Rhodoline® Specialty Coatings Additives

Enhance the performance of your waterborne coatings with our extensive portfolio of high performance additives

Rhodoline® Specialty Additives, pigment wetting and dispersion additives: cost effective, high performance and sustainable

The Syensqo Rhodoline® range of Specialty Additives are designed to improve stability, wetting and dispersing performance in a wide range of coatings systems. Rhodoline® wetting and dispersing agents are suitable for waterborne paints and pigment dispersion. 

Rhodoline® Specialty Additives applications

Rhodoline® Specialty Additives are effective in most applications and, in particular, deliver significant performance enhancement to:

  1. Coatings
  2. Waterborne industrial coatings
  3. Architectural coatings
  4. Adhesives
  5. Paper, textile, inks and other pigmented systems


Rhodoline® Specialty Additives benefits

Rhodoline® Specialty Additives offer excellent chemical stability to deliver multiple benefits:

  • Anti-foam
  • Wetting
  • Pigment dispersion
  • Freeze-Thaw control
  • Stabilization 
  • Improved color strength and color acceptance
  • Functional and other performance enhancement

Discover our solutions

Rhodoline® 3000 Series: APE free wetting and dispersing agents for low and zero VOC colorants for coatings and inks.

Rhodoline® 4000 Series: APE Free wetting and dispersing agents.

Rhodoline® WA: New APE free wetting agents for paints.

Rhodoline® OTE: Ecolabel-compliant APE-free low VOC & SVOC solution for coatings.

Rhodoline® FT: Freeze thaw stabilizer for low and zero VOC water based paints

Rhodoline® DF series: Defoamers for paint production and application

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