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A close-up view of the blue water bubble

Foam Control

Eliminate Foam with Syensqo's High-Quality Defoaming Agents

The presence of foam in coating applications causes aesthetic and surface defects. To mitigate foam-related issues during manufacturing and application, formulators rely on defoaming agents to reduce or eliminate air bubbles. Syensqo's defoamers for coatings and emulsion polymers deliver superior anti-foaming properties, preventing the entrapment of gas in liquid, thereby enhancing end performance.


Discover Syensqo's Advanced Defoamers

Syensqo's defoamers for waterborne architectural and industrial coatings and emulsion polymer manufacturing are industry-proven solutions that reduce air entrapment and the formation of bubbles in a wide range of applications. Specifically, our Rhodoline® DF Series of specialty additives is a line of sustainable defoamers ideal for formulating low-to-zero VOC coatings.

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