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A Comprehensive Portfolio of Adhesive Solutions

Syensqo's specialty monomers, surfactants, performance additives and polymers are specifically designed to enhance the performance of adhesives. Our solutions improve adhesion to difficult substrates such as glass, metal, concrete, wood and wet surfaces, and are well-suited for various applications including pressure-sensitive adhesives and packaging, among others. Syensqo continues to invest in new product development to address persistent adhesives formulation challenges. Whether through optimized emulsion polymerization, enhanced water resistance or improved substrate wetting, among other functional and sustainable enhancements, our solutions help your adhesive stick.

Our Solutions for Adhesives

Explore Syensqo's Performance-Enhancing Solutions for Adhesives

Syensqo's offers a diverse portfolio suitable for various adhesive formulation needs. Our specialty monomers include Sipomer® PAM series, and our specialty surfactants, emulsifiers and additives include the Aerosol®, RhodaSurf®, Rhodafac® and Rhodoline® lines. These formulations enhance performance in a wide range of polymer systems. From our specialty polymers portfolio, options such as Veradel® PESU and Torlon® PAI improve the structural properties of adhesives and adhesive properties in difficult systems.

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