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Advanced Polymers with Outstanding Resistance

As metal replacement continues to be a priority for OEMs in the plumbing and heating industries, Syensqo's tailored polymer solutions deliver benefits like corrosion resistance, thermal insulation, and a reduced environmental footprint. Our versatile portfolio offers ideal performance combinations for the next generation of efficient heat meters.

  • Radel® PPSU - With outstanding fatigue, chemical and creep-rupture resistance, this sulfone polymer is an ideal solution for heating applications like heat meter components exposed to high temperatures and pressures. Radel® PPSU is widely used to replace brass in polymeric components that must exhibit reliable heat resistance, hydrolytic stability, and long-lasting performance.
  • Ryton® PPS - By allowing precision molding to tight tolerances, Ryton® PPS is the optimal choice for OEMs that require maximized design flexibility in advanced heat meters. Additionally, Ryton® PPS provides impressive chemical resistance, exceptional dimensional stability, and high-temperature performance at more than 200°C.
  • Amodel® PPA - With high strength and stiffness properties, Amodel® PPA offers excellent property retention in environments with warm to hot water and intermittent exposure to hot, chlorinated water. Compatible with a variety of heating and cooling applications, Amodel® PPA offers exceptional corrosion and chemical resistance to boost the longevity and performance integrity of heat meters.