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How Water Meters Promote Sustainability

As a buzzword in nearly every industry, sustainability is a priority for manufacturers everywhere, but it is especially important in an industry like water management. OEMs must prioritize sustainable materials for devices like water meters, and ensure that these products do not impact the sustainability or safety of water as this resource becomes increasingly scarce. In essential water management applications, all shareholders in the creation of these products must work to promote sustainable processes and components. Syensqo prioritizes sustainability in our materials, in our company, and in the end-use products where our materials are used.


Water Meters and Sustainability

Water meters are tools that can be used to encourage sustainability and can be an example of sustainable manufacturing practices. Both mechanical and smart water meters support more responsible and sustainable water usage by enabling closer water usage monitoring for families and communities. Due to consistent monitoring and real-time data transmission, NRW, or non-revenue water, resulting from a leak can be dramatically decreased. Real-time data helps professionals identify and fix leaks before significant damage can be done. When individuals can see how much water they use with reports from a smart water meter, studies* indicate that water usage decreases by an average volume of 13%. In addition to improving the sustainability of water by promoting reduced water consumption, water meters developed with thermoplastic components rather than metals can be recycled when they reach the end of their service life. Water meters that utilize durable specialty polymers for replacing metal can also limit the need for frequent replacements, and they inherently prevent heavy metal contamination that impacts the safety of drinking water. 


Syensqo’s Commitment to Sustainability

Syensqo is a leading provider of high-performance thermoplastics that help manufacturers ensure water safety and sustainability in water management systems. And while we work with our partners to create more sustainable end-use products in every industry we are involved in, we also do everything we can to encourage sustainable practices within our own organization and in the world. 

Syensqo prioritizes the efficient and sustainable usage of resources, especially in essential industries like water management. Our materials, such as those high-performance specialty polymers for water meters, encourage manufacturers and help end-use consumers use water more sustainably and enable recycling at the end of their service lives. Through our efforts to promote sustainable resource usage with our innovative materials, we also promote better lives for society as a whole. 

Our polymers for water meters help us prioritize safety for municipalities and individuals with international approvals for drinking water contact and ensure community water is free from heavy metal contamination. In addition to promoting consumer safety, Syensqo emphasizes the use of advancing technology to improve lives. Our polymers contribute to the creation of smart water meters that help communities respond to water leaks and help families save money by allowing easier water usage tracking.

*Smart Water Meter Market - Growth, Trends and Forecasts (2020 - 2025)