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Water Meter

Largest selection of corrosion resistant, dimensionally stable, easy to mold and cost effective materials.

Metal Replacement with Specialty Polymers

Advanced solutions minimize corrosion, weight, scale deposits, cost and risk of contamination.


Global trends in water management are increasing the use of advanced water meters to manage water delivery as well as their electrification to radically improve precision and connectivity. This makes metal replacement a key engineering challenge for water meter manufacturers in order to design cost effective, reliable and electronically enabled devices.

As adoption of smart ultrasonic meters matures, the need for specialty polymers vs. lower performing engineering plastics becomes more critical. The advanced properties of specialty polymers provide increased corrosion resistance, dimensional stability and EM insulation along with improved molding and cost effectiveness.

Are you working on advanced water meter designs?

Syensqo offers three families of Specialty Polymers for potable water handling:

Ryton® PPS for hot water applications


Amodel® PPA for hot and cold water applications


Omnix® HPPA for cold water applications


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