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Specialty Polymers for Water Meters

Many manufacturers are making the transition from metals to plastics in a range of industries and must find polymer-based materials that offer the durability of metal in more cost-efficient, higher-performing materials. This trend is especially relevant in the water management industry, as materials used in these water meters must withstand constant water flow at different temperatures and in challenging conditions. Smart water meters are increasingly utilized across the globe due to their advanced features, including real-time invoicing, pollution monitoring and fast water leakage detection. These systems require advanced polymeric materials to ensure optimal performance and long-term functionality. Specialty polymers for water management applications, such as mechanical water meters and smart water meters, improve longevity, resistance and stability in a variety of environments.

For Hot Water Applications - Ryton® PPS

In the most demanding environments, Ryton® PPS maintains outstanding resistance, strength and stability throughout component service life. This polyphenylene sulfide is uniquely designed for hot water applications over 75°C due to its excellent resistance to hot chlorinated water and chemicals, as well as its outstanding thermal and dimensional stability. Additionally, this specialty polymer for water meters exhibits a very low viscosity that enables injection molding in thin-walled parts. As with many of our materials for water management applications, Ryton® PPS also complies with NSF, KTW, DVGW and other international standards for drinking water, which is a requirement for all water meter manufacturers searching for metal replacement. 

For Warm to Hot Water Applications - Amodel® PPA

Manufacturers can rely on Amodel® PPA for water meter components in environments with warm to hot water, from 40°C to 70°C, and intermittent exposure to hot, chlorinated water. Amodel® PPA offers exceptional performance advantages over conventional polyamides, including higher operating temperatures, reduced moisture absorption, excellent dimensional stability and superior resistance to fatigue and creep. This polyphthalamide is also approved for contact with drinking water from independent global organizations, including NSF, KTW, DVGW, ACS and WRAS.

For Cold Water Applications - Omnix® HPPA

Omnix® HPPA is suitable for a range of applications in cold water environments and offers manufacturers appealing cost-performance benefits. This high-performance polyamide exhibits excellent chemical resistance, enables cost-effective manufacturing, and is certified for drinking water contact through NSF, KTW, DVGW, ACS and WRAS. Omnix® HPPA bridges the cost-performance gap between lower-performing PA66 and higher-performing polyamides like Amodel® PPA. Compared to PA66, Omnix® HPPA maintains lower moisture absorption, superior strength and stiffness, better dimensional stability and lower warpage. 

Today’s water meter components must be durable and high-performing in any environment, and Syensqo’s specialty polymers enable manufacturers to create parts that meet these unique market needs. Additionally, Syensqo’s thermoplastics for water meters can be recycled at the end of their service life, further promoting the sustainability efforts of manufacturers and consumers.