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Water Meter Materials for Hot and Cold Water Applications

Syensqo's portfolio of specialty polymers enhances the handling of potable water and ensures the safety of drinking water because of our contamination-resistant and cost-efficient plastics. Our specialty polymers adapt to hot water, hot and cold water, and cold water applications for water meters including the body, pressure plate, connectors, reflector, and impeller.

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Hot Water Applications

Water meters used in hot water applications require high-heat polymers that withstand prolonged, high-temperature service. Ryton® PPS is a semi-crystalline polymer capable of withstanding hot water applications in water meters with temperatures of over 75°C due to its thermal and dimensional stability and its outstanding resistance to chemicals in chlorinated water.



Hot and Cold Water Applications

For water meters requiring both warm and cold temperatures between 40°C and 75°C, the Amodel® PPA family of specialty polymers is known for its mechanical integrity after long-term exposure to elevated temperatures and high-humidity environments. Our specialty polymers can enhance the dimensional stability and fatigue resistance of water meters exposed to mixed temperatures with reduced moisture absorption. 



Cold Water Applications

Water meters used for cold water applications require materials that maintain chemical resistance and low-moisture absorption in environments between 23°C and 40°C. Omnix® HPPA is characterized by its stiffness retention, strength, and dimensional stability.

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