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Why Specialty Polymers are Ideal for Water Meter Components

Manufacturers for water meter components rely on high-quality materials to ensure long-term performance and maintain the purity of drinking water throughout plumbing systems. Today’s OEMs are continually utilizing polymers for metal replacement in plumbing to promote increasingly accurate measurements in water meters to include smart features such as leakage detection and consistent monitoring and to ensure superior resistance to chemicals and temperature changes. Syensqo offers a broad portfolio of versatile polymers designed to replace metal components in water meters that guarantee high corrosion resistance, no heavy metal contamination, and superior strength retention for longer-lasting water meters.


Specialty Polymers Outperform Metal

The best plastics for plumbing are able to prevent corrosion, ensure chemical resistance and maintain dimensional stability to extend the longevity of water meters and outperform metal-based parts. Polymer-based components also offer decreased manufacturing and installation costs compared to metals due to the elimination of welding to complete installations and innovative moldable polymers for plumbing can streamline polymeric component production. Syensqo’s specialty polymers are designed to provide efficient performance in water management tools, such as the body, cap and pressure plate of PPS water meters.



Wide Selection of Specialty Polymers to Meet Specific Needs

As the standards of the industry continue to evolve, OEMs need a wide range of materials to improve today’s water management systems. Syensqo offers a portfolio of high-performance polymers for plumbing that are designed with high durability and resistance to withstand challenging environments found in water meter components and meet OEMs’ specific needs for a wide variety of applications. 

Ryton® PPS maintains thermal stability in hot water applications that reach 85°C or higher, such as PPS water meters or pumps. Additionally, this cost-effective plastic for chlorinated water is designed with chemical and hydrolysis resistance to effectively withstand long-term exposure to challenging conditions like heat and chlorine. Syensqo’s Omnix® HPPA is specially formulated for use in cold, unchlorinated water (less than 50°C) and combines exceptional surface appearance with impressive dimensional stability. Additionally, Amodel® PPA is a versatile polymer that can be used in hot and cold water applications between 40°C and 85°C and offers superior resistance to creep, fatigue, oxidizers, and thermal expansion. 


Approved for Drinking Water

OEMs must confirm that their preferred materials are approved for contact with drinking water to ensure safety in water meter components. Syensqo submits our specialty polymers for plumbing to independent global organizations such as NSF61, KTW, WRAS and ACS to certify the safety of products that are exposed to drinking water. Our contamination-resistant plastics are certified for drinking water contact and are free of substances that could potentially cause health concerns to expedite OEMs’ component approval processes.

To meet the various needs of the plumbing market, Syensqo continues to develop specialty polymers that exhibit superior resistance properties for long-lasting and efficient components designed for metal replacement.