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Safe, Powerful Polymers to Elevate Surface Care Solutions

Consumers expect a versatile and powerful performance from their surface care products. More importantly, they demand non-toxic solutions that are safe for use in everyday spaces. Syensqo's range of advanced polymers and surfactants for surface care delivers a comprehensive solution set for manufacturers.


Surface Cleaning Polymers 

Customers face many difficult-to-remove stains on hard surfaces throughout the home. The types of stains vary from room to room and require unique cleaning solutions. From greasy kitchen surfaces to bathroom soap scum, these varying staining agents demand specialized cleaner formulations to remove them from the surface effectively. Syensqo's range of surface care polymers contains several safe, effective cleaning formulations. Syensqo's Mirapol® Surf range of versatile surface care polymers provides excellent soil protection and anti-scale properties to the surfaces, resulting in more durable and easier cleaning.


Rheology Modifiers 

Although traditional cleaners provide good performance, natural rheology modifiers have become an integral ingredient in the processing of today’s most innovative and naturally-based hard surface cleaners, as they enable improved performance and sensory experiences in an array of formulations. Rheology modifiers contribute to the performance of hard surface cleaners in a variety of beneficial ways. By enabling formulations to achieve the optimal texture, the final product may, for example, demonstrate enhanced adhesion and more efficiently cling to the surface. Specifically, Rheozan® range of polymers are biodegradable, 100% natural thickener for surface cleaners that provides superior adhesion and excellent solubility, which helps suspend particles and create transparent formulations at acidic and basic pH levels.