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Industry-Leading Solutions for Effective Surface Care

Syensqo offers an extensive range of advanced ingredients designed to enhance the performance and texture of surface care formulations. In addition to increased effectiveness in an array of usages, Syensqo's ingredients are well-suited to help formulators deliver safe, multifunctional products consumers can trust.

  • Actizone® - Actizone® technology offers unmatched disinfectant cleaner performance by combining best-in-class cleaning properties, instant fast kill on a broad range of microorganisms and unique 24-hour antimicrobial performance. Designed to trap antimicrobial actives for long-lasting surface disinfection, Actizone® F5 forms a protective film on surfaces ensuring continuous antimicrobial protection for up to 24 hours.* 
  • Mirapol® Surf range - Mirapol® Surf offers formulators a broad range of shine and easy cleaning polymers for surface care. Mirapol® polymers allow film-free drying of the surfaces and provide unique anti-scale and anti-soil adhesion benefits. Formulators can also rely on our innovative preservative-free ingredients for consistently safe cleaning experiences.
  • Rheozan®  - A natural range of suspension agents manufactured through a fermentation process that creates pseudo-plastic behavior in cleaning formulations. This stabilizer and natural thickener for hard surface cleaners offers better surface adhesion and is easily soluble. It is the perfect solution for formulating naturally derived cleaning solutions. Additionally, Rheozan® is especially suited for acidic cleaners, such as toilet bowl cleaners, and offers excellent compatibility in a variety of acidic formulations.  
  • Rhodapex® ESB 70 NAT MB - A Sodium Laureth Sulfate that is produced from 100% renewable carbon and derived from sugar cane and palm kernel oil. This alternative to synthetic surfactants can be used in sustainable home care cleaning formulations and eco-friendly hard surface cleaners. It is also recommended for >90% USDA biobased products.
  • Rhodasurf® 6 NAT MBA bio-based surfactant for home care that is developed from palm kernel and sugar cane to reduce nonrenewable resource consumption and greenhouse gas generation. This alternative to synthetic surfactants is naturally derived for more sustainable home care cleaning solutions and is recommended for >90% USDA.