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Toaster with bread slices on table
Household Goods


Reliable Solutions for Cooking and Home Applications

Syensqo's portfolio of specialty polymers for cooking and home applications is strategically designed for ease of processing and end-use performance. Our reliable solutions are ideal materials for large and small smart living appliances, as well as for food contact applications including coffee machines, juicers, air fryers, rice cookers, kitchen utensils, foodservice and microwave trays, food processing applications, and other appliances.

Cooking Appliances

Our materials for cooking appliances offer enhanced product performance and aesthetics, including noise reduction, high-temperature moisture resilience, glossy, smooth finishes and more. Additionally, these specialty materials not only enable more efficient processing and improved design flexibility, but they also are compliant with today’s most stringent food and drink safety regulations. Discover more.

An electric Air Fryer on table with blurred kitchen background
Woman cleaning the carpet with vacuum cleaner in the living room

Home Appliances

Our specialty solutions for household goods are well-suited for both small and large appliances, as they enable improved end-use performance abilities including product longevity, chemical resistance, and mechanical stability. In-home appliance applications, these materials also contribute to lightweighting, ease of processing, and significantly improved design flexibility and aesthetics. Discover more.