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Cooking Appliances

High-Performance Polymers for Advanced Cooking Appliances

In the kitchen, consumers expect excellent performance, innovative designs, versatile safety features and broad compliance with regulations. It can be a challenge for designers and manufacturers to meet these complex end-use requirements while also optimizing earlier stages of production. The right materials can enhance design flexibility, comply with a broad range of regulations and improve product aesthetics and performance. 

Syensqo offers OEMs the broadest selection of high-performance polymers for cooking appliances. Our outstanding solutions, ranging from versatile sulfone polymers to tough aromatic polyketones, give manufacturers the tools they need to create the next generation of cooking appliances. Explore our brands below and discover relevant food contact usages for our solutions.


An Unmatched Portfolio of High-Performance Polymers

Syensqo’s high-performance polymers for cooking appliances feature diverse performance properties that are ideal for a wide range of food contact applications. In addition to global food contact approvals, Syensqo’s portfolio of advanced materials has been replacing metal with outstanding performance in the food and beverage industry for more than 20 years. Explore our top brands, including Radel® PPSU, Amodel® PPA, Ixef® PARA, Ryton® PPS, KetaSpire® PEEK and more.

Versatile Performance for a Range of Food Contact Applications

Thanks to advancing technology and continual innovation across industries, consumers have extremely high expectations for multifunctional, high-performing cooking appliances. Food contact devices like coffee machines, juicers, air fryers and rice cookers are expected to maintain performance in challenging environments with more moisture and higher temperatures. Discover relevant usages for Syensqo’s food contact materials below.

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