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Home Appliances

Advanced Materials for Better Home Appliances

In the home appliance and consumer goods industry, consumer demands and regulatory requirements progressively evolve, and comfort, versatility, efficiency and design differentiation are driving the trend. Lightweighting and miniaturization continue to be in popular demand amongst consumers and OEMs alike, and these types of home appliances require advanced material solutions for a range of essential components and applications.

Syensqo's materials for home appliances deliver a range of unique benefits for more durable components, high-performance applications, and improved aesthetics. Our portfolio of specialty polymers for home appliances boosts quality and product performance with an array of sought-after properties, including impressive longevity, design flexibility, fire and chemical resistance, as well as mechanical stability. Additionally, these superior home appliance solutions maintain integrity in several high-temperature environments and offer enhanced safety for reliable end-use performance.


A Strong Portfolio of Exceptional Specialty Polymers

Syensqo's strong portfolio of specialty polymers for home appliances and components includes a dynamic range of semi-crystalline and ultra polymers that deliver a variety of processing and performance benefits. Additionally, these products meet today's most stringent safety requirements and regulatory approval standards. Discover our industry-leading brands, including Omnix®HPPA, Amodel® PPA, Ixef® PARA, Ryton® PPS, and KetaSpire® PEEK.

High-Performance Materials for Home Appliance Applications

With our innovative and reliable technologies, Syensqo empowers home appliance OEMs to manufacture small and large appliances and smart living applications that exceed today’s performance standards and stand out from the competition. Our portfolio of high-performance polymers for home appliances contributes significantly to highly desired property advantages. These often include weight reduction, design freedom, improved product performance, efficient manufacturing and metal replacement.

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