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Industrial Lubricants & Functional Fluids


Materials for Advanced Anti-Finger Coatings

Our broad-ranging portfolio enables superior production of anti-fingerprint coatings for modern, touchscreen technology. Our materials improve products used on glass and UV-curable hard coats by resisting external factors such as water and oil and contributing to smooth swiping. 

  • Fomblin® PFPE - These functional perfluoropolymers (PFPE) are excellent in aggressive chemical environments and high temperatures. Fomblin® PFPE offers unmatched chemical and solvent resistance, are non-reactive with metal, plastic, elastomers and rubber, are inert to liquid and gaseous oxygen, exhibit excellent radiation hardness and are non flammable. They also have an extremely wide operating temperature range, low evaporation loss, excellent water washout properties, are easily formulated into greases and are environmentally safe. Fomblin® PFPE is commonly used as a surface treatment to provide mold release and anti-sticking properties. Fomblin® PFPE also offers chemical resistance, low surface energy, water and oil repellency, low refractive index and boundary lubrication. 
  • Fomblin® ZMF-402 is suitable for glass with best-in-class durability for smart devices, Fomblin® ZMF-23 is also suitable for glass with a high-performance combination of properties for optical lenses, while Fomblin® ZDIAC400 is ideal due to its high weatherability. Fomblin® D2, made for UV curable hard coats, allows for easy derivatization. Fomblin® T4 is also suitable for UV curable hard coats with good water and oil repellency.   
  • Fluorolink® PFPE covers the surface with a permanent and thin layer of fluorinated product in surface treatment. It reduces surface energy and imparts to the surface the combination of characteristics such as water and oil repellency, easy stain removal, anti-adhesion and self-lubricity properties. Fluorolink® D4000 / D6000, made for UV-curable hard coats, has a very long chain for maximum flexibility in anti-fingerprint coatings.