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Electronic Components

Advanced Solutions to Improve Electronic Components

Today’s electronic components require exceptional materials to meet evolving demands for technological advancements. To create innovative products for the electronics industry, manufacturers rely on versatile, durable solutions that elevate performance in a range of electrical components and applications. 

Syensqo leads the industry in producing materials for modern electronic components. Our broad-ranging portfolio offers high-performance solutions for a variety of electronic parts, and our polymers equip these applications with the properties necessary to drive the industry forward and satisfy consumer demands.

Our Solutions for Electronic Components

Well-Suited Materials for Electronics 

Syensqo's vast portfolio of solutions offers high-performance properties that enhance various electronic components. Our materials offer stability, weatherability, protection, and more so that electronics manufacturers can create the best possible electronic applications. Many different product families are available to match exact industry needs and perform at the highest possible caliber.   

Discover our most diverse product portfolio