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Fluorolink® PFPE

Fluorolink® PFPE is a line of versatile fluids based on perfluoropolyether technology. The chemistry of these products, when applied to a surface treatment or used to modify a polymer, delivers exceptional properties to the material.



Fluorolink® PFPE products are based on bifunctional perfluoropolyether structure with a high molecular weight. Another characteristic of the Fluorolink® PFPE chemical structure is the ability of the functional groups present in the chain to facilitate interaction with substrates and polymers.

Fluorolink® PFPE products are not manufactured with, do not contain and do not degradate to PFOA, PFOS or C8 telomer-like structure.



Surface Treatment

Fluorolink® PFPE can be water-based, solvent-based or neat. The protective perfluoropolyether layer can be provided by Fluorolink® PFPE alone or by its combination with other conventional treating agents.

Product Functional Group Metal Plastic Glass Wood Textile Stone
Fluorolink® P56 Anionic Polyurethane ✓  ✓  ✓    ✓   
Fluorolink® P54 Phosphate ✓       
Fluorolink® A10P Alkyl Amide       ✓     
Fluorolink® AD1700 Acrylate ✓  ✓  ✓  ✓     
Fluorolink® MD700 Methacrylates ✓  ✓  ✓  ✓     


Building Block

Fluorolink® is a bifunctional PFPE specifically designed for use as a reactive monomer for polymer modification.

It combines the typical unique properties of fluorinated materials with the high versatility of a wide range of reactive and non-reactive end-groups. Due to this, Fluorolink® PFPE is a suitable reactive additive for many important polymers like polyurethane, polyesters, and others. All these benefits can be obtained without changing the bulk properties of the host material.

Product Functional Group Polyurethane Resins Polyester Resins Epoxy Resins Acryl Resins
Fluorolink® E10H Ethoxylated bifunctional alcohol ✓  ✓  ✓   
Fluorolink® MD700 (Meth) Acrylate       ✓ 
Fluorolink® AD1700 Acrylate       ✓ 



Surface Treatment

Fluorolink® PFPE covers the surface with a permanent and very thin layer of fluorinated product. It may be specifically designed to interact with a particular substrate such as metal, metal oxide, ceramic, stone, and cellulose. Fluorolink® PFPE reduces surface energy (down to 16 mN/m) and imparts to the surface the combination of characteristics such as hydro and oil repellency, easy stain removal, anti-adhesion, and self-lubricity properties.


Polymer Modifier

As a building block, small amounts of Fluorolink® PFPE polymer modifiers can modify and improve the friction coefficient, the oleo-hydro repellency, the anti-stick and the stain release properties of various polymer systems such as polyurethane, polyesters, etc. Higher amounts can lead to modification of bulk properties, for example mechanical properties (lower Tg), lower refractive index and gas permeability, and exceptional chemical resistance to the corresponding materials.

When incorporated into a material, Fluorolink® PFPE enables:

  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Improved wear and abrasion resistance
  • Better chemical resistance
  • Surface energy reduction down to 16 mN/m
  • Water/oil and stain repellency
  • Improved surface smoothness and gloss



Surface Treatment: Textile

Fluorolink® PFPEs delivers to textile surfaces beneficial properties such as:

  • Reduction of surface energy
  • Water and oil repellency
  • Stain and soil resistance

These characteristics are important qualities in the production of textiles and leather goods. Fluorolink® PFPE is the ideal treatment for apparel, wallcoverings and home furnishings textiles where enhanced stain repellency and easy care are desired. Stains from coffee, red wine, chili and soy sauce can be avoided by simply blotting the surface with an absorbent cloth or paper towel.


Surface Treatment: Tiles, Stones, Ceramics and Glass

The surfaces like, glass, tiles, natural stone when treat with the proper Fluorolink® PFPE grade show exceptional oil and water repellence properties and easy cleanability versus common staining agents. Stain agents can be easily removed with water or common and mild cleaning products. 
The protective treatment does not modify in any way the aesthetic appearance of the  treated surfaces.


Paint Ingredient

Fluorolink® P56 PFPE is a water dispersion of an anionic polyurethane based on perfluoropolyether (PFPE) backbone. It has been developed in particular to impart oil/water repellence and stain release properties to surfaces. It can also be used as a water/oil repellent and soil release additive for paint and varnish.

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