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Probe station microscope


Enhancing Wafer Probing With Advanced Materials

Our portfolio of solutions for semiconductor wafers is the industry standard when it comes to offering exceptional benefits to key demands. Syensqo's materials for wafer probings include trusted brands such as Galden® PFPE and Torlon® PAI.

  • Galden® PFPE - This high-performance heat transfer fluid is recognized for its outstanding dielectric properties and chemical stability. Galden® PFPE performs exceptionally in elevated temperatures and aggressive conditions and is the preferred fluid for when non-conductive, low viscosity fluids are required.
  • Torlon® PAI Torlon® PAI thermoplastics possess outstanding resistance to wear, creep and have incredible resistance to chemical and severe thermal conditions. Since wafers are often probed under high-temperature conditions, Torlon® PAI is ideal for probe cards which maintain their dimensional stability at elevated temperatures.