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Creating Thermally Stable Probing Environments

Accurate and reliable probing is essential to the development and manufacturing of semiconductor devices. Challenges presented from the complex nature of probing itself are compounded by the necessity to test chips under a wide variety of environmental conditions.

Syensqo supplies the semiconductor industry with a portfolio of high-quality solutions to create more durable and thermally stable probing materials. Our innovative technologies provide OEMs with unique performance and durability benefits for their probing systems.


Materials for Excellent Prober Performance

Syensqo offers a range of solutions so that chip manufacturers can match their probing system for the specific testing needs of each wafer type. Galden® PFPE and Torlon® PAI are known industry-wide for their exceptional performance under the most demanding of conditions.

Requirements for Probing Materials

Because the end uses of chips are often in harsh conditions, the conditions under which wafers are probed must also be harsh. Heat transfer fluids must provide efficient heat transfer so that set-point temperatures are reliably maintained for the probing system. Probe cards must be made of materials with very low thermal expansion and good dielectric properties.

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