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Wafer Handling


Advanced Products for Wafer Handling

Our exceptional line of solutions allows for sophisticated FOUP and SMIF designs. KetaSpire® PEEK offers excellent fatigue and chemical resistance for the products used in wafer handling. It is an optimal metal replacement with good wear resistance, dimensional stability, abrasion resistance, and best-in-class fatigue resistance, which are ideal for the wafer cassette and wafer jars. These characteristics ensure that wafer carrier parts have the best performance under various aggressive chemical environments in the semiconductor processes. Udel® PSU provides exceptional thermal stability, high toughness and strength along with environmental stress cracking resistance, low levels of extractables and insoluble materials. It also offers transparency, combustion resistance and low creep, which are optimal properties for housings of wafer handling equipment.

  • KetaSpire® PEEK - KetaSpire® PEEK has high dimensional stability together with good wear performance and ultra-high purity. It offers exceptional resistance to heat and chemicals. It is tremendously strong, durable and incredibly resistant to fatigue. KetaSpire® PEEK is the best choice for wafer cassettes, jars and other internal parts for wafer handling equipment.
  • Udel® PSU - Udel® PSU is ideal for its thermal stability, toughness and resistance to cracking. Also, it offers low moisture absorption, making it an excellent candidate for wafer carrier housings. Flame retardancy and the ability to pass FM approvals are an additional benefit.