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Wafer Handling

Exceptional Cleanliness in Wafer Handling

In semiconductor manufacturing processes, materials that come into physical contact with the silicon wafer must meet high cleanliness and dimensional stability standards. Any particle or organic matter that transfers from the wafer handling material to the wafer could cause catastrophic defects for the device. The material must also be very resistant to physical stresses, as the fragile wafers must be transported between thousands of processing steps before their journey is complete.

Syensqo’s  specialty solutions enable OEMs to produce clean, reliable wafer handling parts that manufacturers can rely on to carefully transport their valuable wafers through the entire fabrication process.


Advanced Products for Wafer Handling

Our progressive portfolio of solutions enables OEMs to produce wafer handling tools with qualities such as superior strength and chemical resistance. Cleanliness is of utmost importance for wafer handling and transfer, so the cassettes must also maintain an inside environment that is free of particles and organic contamination. Syensqo’s  advanced products for wafer handling include KetaSpire® PEEK andUdel® PSU

Enhanced Microenvironment Control 

Front opening universal pods (FOUPs) and standard mechanical interfaces (SMIFs) are two types of carriers that are used to transport groups of wafers around the fab. They consist of an inner cassette surrounded by a protective shell. The materials used for each part must have a smooth surface with excellent barrier properties so that the environment inside the carrier can be tightly controlled.

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