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Improving Wet Etching with Advanced Semiconductor Solutions

Syensqo's advanced solutions for wet etching exhibit high chemical and fatigue resistance and flame-retardant properties. Our specialty polymers and electronic grade wet chemicals allow OEMs to enhance their wet etching process and advance the semiconductor market as a whole.

  • Halar® ECTFE Halar® ECTFE’s purity, surface smoothness, chemical resistance and fire resistance are key characteristics for the semiconductor market. 
  • Solef® PVDF Solef® is an inherently pure, flame retardant fluoropolymer specially designed for UPW piping systems. Solef® PVDF is ideal for UPW pipe, UPW tubing, UPW fittings, coatings and linings, valves and other high-purity water components with its smooth finish that mitigates bacterial and biofilm growth.