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Silicon Wafers in plastic holder box

Wet Etching & Cleaning

Enhanced Solutions for Wet Etching and Cleaning in Semiconductor Fabrication

As device dimensions continue to shrink, the ability to remove particles and other contaminants from the wafer surface is critical to achieving high yields. The materials of construction for wet etch and clean equipment must be resistive to the aggressive chemicals used in these baths and pure enough that they do not contaminate the wafer in the process.


Products for High-Performance Wet Processes

Depending on the requirements of the wet process in question, Syensqo has a portfolio of materials to match your specific chemical resistance, purity, sustainability, and safety priorities. Halar® ECTFE, Solef® PVDF, Tecnoflon® FKM & FFKM, KetaSpire® PEEK and Ryton® PPS,are all materials commonly found in semiconductor wet process equipment.

Improving Wet Process Materials

Syensqo continues to innovate on the materials that will be used in tomorrrow’s wet etch and clean processes. Our customers push us to provide new materials with higher purity, greater chemical resistance, increased temperature resistance, and improved sustainability.

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