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High-Quality Heat Transfer Fluids for Server Cooling

Galden® PFPE increases IT performance up to 8% versus other fluorinated fluids for faster computing. It’s non-flammable with no flash point and FM Standard 6930 approval, no auto-ignition, no explosion hazard and no burning even when exposed to open flame. It’s a fluid with high dielectric strength, low dielectric constant, high resistivity and MIL compliance. It offers excellent compatibility with a wide range of plastics, metals and elastomers and is non-toxic and fully recyclable.         

  • Galden® PFPE - With Galden® PFPE, there is no formation, no decomposition residues and no circulation pump seizure due to fluid degradation or corrosion when it comes to server cooling. This product features good temperature control, a wide range of grades to optimize performance, high boiling grades that reduce evaporation losses without affecting performance, and safety during high-temperature performance.