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Young customer is holding two bags of sweet corn in vacuum package

Food Packaging

Achieving Premium Standards for Food Safety While Prolonging Shelf Life

With a significant amount of food produced globally going uneaten, there's an urgent need to minimize waste. This necessity has propelled the development of advanced packaging technologies aimed at extending shelf life and enhancing food safety.

Today's food packaging does more than just preserve safety; it plays a crucial role in maintaining the quality and integrity of the food it contains. This involves not only protecting food from contamination but also ensuring that its nutritional value, taste and appearance are preserved over time. The demand for high-quality packaging solutions that can effectively extend the shelf life of food products has never been greater, given the increasing awareness of food waste's environmental and economic impacts.

Enhancing Safety and Efficiency of Food Packaging

Leveraging our long-standing expertise in developing advanced packaging materials, Syensqo continues to be a reliable innovator, consistently delivering solutions that set new standards in food safety and longevity.

Syensqo is dedicated to minimizing food waste through innovative packaging technologies that extend shelf-life and enhance the safety of food contact applications. Our range of solutions caters to the evolving needs of the food industry, ensuring not only the safety of food products but also their sustained quality and freshness.


Using Solvay peracetic acid for cleaning PET bottles in beverage factory

Our Food Packaging Product Portfolio

Our high-performance polymer solutions for food packaging applications include Ixan® PVDC and Diofan® PVDC. These specialty polymers are engineered to provide exceptional water vapor and oxygen barriers, effectively protecting a wide array of food products, from fresh produce to dry goods. Pivotal in maintaining food freshness, preventing spoilage, and reducing waste, our portfolio of food packaging solutions offer an improved shelf life and enhanced food contact safety.

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