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Syensqo solutions for Flavors & Fragrances

Flavors & Fragrances

The Essence of Flavors and Fragrances

Flavors and fragrances play a pivotal role in the sensory appeal of products, from the foods we eat to the scents we enjoy. Flavors, distinct from fragrances, are key ingredients designed to impart or enhance the taste of food and beverages. They compensate for any flavor loss or modification during cooking, ensuring that the end product delivers the desired taste experience. These ingredients, used in small but significant quantities, are not consumed independently but rather are added to elevate the consumer experience.

At Syensqo, we not only provide exceptional flavors and fragrances but also maintain a premium service level, ensuring each client receives solutions that address their specific needs.


Trends in Flavor and Fragrance Development

In the realm of flavors and fragrances, innovation is imperative. Challenges such as the restriction of the perfumer's palette due to regulatory and allergen concerns necessitate creative solutions. Moreover, there's a growing emphasis on sustainable and ethical sourcing, particularly for renewable and  natural ingredients. Consumers increasingly prefer products that align with their values and health concerns. 

Syensqo's Rhovanil® Natural, and Rhovanil® Mass Balance respond to these trends by providing solutions that marry innovation with sustainability. 

For instance, Rhovanil® Mass Balance offers a strong focus on sustainability without sacrificing quality, and is the first vanillin to be certified under the ISCC PLUS mass balance standards, made from renewable feedstocks. For fragrances, this means the ability to maintain the beloved vanilla scent in perfumes and scented products, ensuring the end product is both eco-friendly and of the highest olfactory quality.

All of these products embody Syensqo's commitment to pioneering natural, ethically sourced and high-quality renewable ingredients that resonate with modern consumer preferences.

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Pioneering Sustainable Solutions in Flavors and Fragrance

Syensqo stands at the forefront of the flavors and fragrances industry, combining innovation with a steadfast commitment to sustainability. We are renowned for developing pioneering formulations that not only adhere to stringent regulatory standards but also resonate with current market trends across food, beverages, and perfumery. Our expertise in creating natural vanillin flavors, compliant with rigorous EU and US regulations, offers a sustainable and authentic alternative to vanilla beans.

Our extensive portfolio caters to a wide array of applications including fine fragrances, fabric care, personal care, and air care, focusing on natural and safe ingredients. We understand the delicate balance required to meet consumer health demands while maintaining environmental responsibility. Syensqo’s innovative solutions are shaping the future of the industry, providing extraordinary sensory experiences that align with our global commitment to sustainability and natural sourcing.

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